Implementation of risk minimization measures and trends over time in the frequency of outcomes

Opioid-related harms such as abuse, misuse, addiction, diversion and overdose have been rising exponentially, a phenomenon referred to as the opioid epidemic. The current research will examine federal and provincial risk minimization measures (RMMs) regarding the opioid epidemic starting in 2016. We will develop a landscape of federal and provincial opioid RMMs, describe trends over time in the number and types of RMMs, assess the association between RMMs and public awareness and the association between RMMs and opioid-related harms. This research project will contribute to the methodological advancement of YOLARX Consultants. In addition, the project will lead to a conference abstract and publication. In Canada, opioid-related harm is a major public health issue, and multiple costly measures have been implemented as an attempt to curb the epidemic. The generation of evidence on the effectiveness of these measures would benefit the Canadian community.

Faculty Supervisor:

Grégoire Leclair


Camille Goyer


Yola Rx Consultants


Pharmacy / Pharmacology




Université de Montréal



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