Implementation, Parameterization and Validation of a Confinement-Dependent Constitutive Model for Brittle Failure of Rock

With ever-increasing societal demands for mineral and energy resources, mining and civil tunnelling projects are developing deeper and more complex underground excavations. Experiences are showing that the response of rock at these depths is significantly different and much more hazardous than that previously encountered at shallower depths for which many of our current engineering design tools were developed. The research proposed here will be conducted in collaboration with an industry partner with significant experience in underground engineering design, with the objective of implementing and validating new mathematical models developed specifically for rock behaviour at these greater depths. This will be accompanied by research to develop procedures and guidelines for determining the rock mass properties required as input for these new mathematical models. To help validate the new engineering design tools being developed, data from a deep operating mine that has experienced such problems will be used.

Faculty Supervisor:

Erik Eberhardt


Masoud Rahjoo


Golder Associates


Geography / Geology / Earth science


Professional, scientific and technical services


University of British Columbia


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