Implementing A Community Model of Policing: A Case Study of Change

Over the past several years, serious concern has emerged in many Western nations over the future and sustainability of public policing. The situation in Canada is no different. Key stakeholders in the Canadian policing community have expressed serious concern about the sustainability of policing. A model of public policing has emerged in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan that may represent a way forward for municipalities as well as larger jurisdictions across the country. The Community Mobilization Prince Albert (CMPA) model is a significant departure from the way in which public policing has been delivered in this country. Borrowed from the HUB model that was put in place in Scotland, the CMPA HUB model is based on suppression, prevention and intervention. This is a community approach to policing, wherein social agencies and services collaborate with the police to stop crime before it happens. The Scottish and Prince Albert HUB models have been met with considerable acclaim, however there has not been much measurement of the model’s effectiveness. The Peel Regional Police have now decided to run a pilot project to develop a made-in-Peel HUB model.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Linda Duxbury


Greg Dole


Peel Regional Police






Carleton University



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