Improve the performance of Heaven Fresh Canada Inc. air purifier


Indoor air quality has received immense attention in past decades, considering it is more heavily polluted than outdoor environments. People generally spend more than 80% of their time indoors, which contributes to a higher risk of inhaling pollutants. Air cleaning is the most feasible way to improve indoor air quality. Most of indoor air – purifying systems adapt filter – type components to purify polluted air. This method is effective for short-term use, but insufficient for long-term filtration as cleaning the filter components produces secondary pollution. In this proposal, two different types of materials are considered as potential substitutions for traditional air filters. First, a filter coated with TiO2 nanoparticles; TiO2 based cleaning techniques are effective against degrading organic and inorganic compounds, toxic metal ions, and to kill microorganisms and viruses. Secondly, a zeolitic material that can be dispersed on a filter; the zeolites are porous aluminosilicate compounds. The present study indicates that the zeolites are particularly well suited for volatile organic gas (VOC) and particulate matters. This project will combine both TiO2 coated and zeolitic-based filters to produce highly efficient and cost effective Heaven Fresh air purification devices.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Sohrab Rohani


Tayirjan T. Isimjan


Heaven Fresh Canada Inc.


Engineering - chemical / biological




Western University



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