Improved Automated Tracking of Workouts for Fitness Facilities

Fitness tracking is the process of tracking the fitness-related activity and metrics of a person such as heart rate, distance walked, and consumption of calories. Emerging and specialized wireless sensors and devices also enable the tracking of movements performed during workouts in gyms. This project will help improve the motion tracking experience by reporting workout activities to gym customers, in real-time and in usable ways (via new auditory feedback and enhanced user interfaces) on their Android smart phones. Additional features include better handling of background processing on the latest Android operating system as well as event logging enabling continuous improvement of the system. Gymtrack Inc. will benefit from this project as its resulting app for Android will improve the overall user experience and its improvements to the basic infrastructure will simplify the introduction of future features, across platforms.

Faculty Supervisor:

Daniel Amyot


Shahzeb Khowaja




Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies


University of Ottawa



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