Improved Lateral Supports for Fresh Masonry Structures at Construction Site

Despite significant development of various construction materials, masonry is still considered as one of the most cost-effective materials. However, they are often vulnerable to wind-induced lateral loads caused during construction stage (within 1 to 2 days of construction) when the masonry is yet to achieve full strength. Temporary bracing systems are often used to support these structures at construction site to avoid loss of materials and injury to workers. However, design of these temporary bracings is relatively subjective and tend to be very conservative to maintain safety at workplace. The industry partner, Canada Masonry Design Centre, has an immediate urgency for improved efficiency of bracing of walls under construction which require a better understanding of early-age properties of masonry. This proposal aims at accurate characterization of early-age masonry and development of stringent design guidelines for bracings of newly constructed wall systems to eliminate the current conservative and uneco

Faculty Supervisor:

Ayan Sadhu


Kyle Dunphy;Premjeet Singh


Canada Masonry Design Centre


Engineering - civil


Construction and infrastructure


Western University



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