Improved process modeling and optimization of the Birla Carbon Process

This project is a collaborative relationship between the Combustion Research Laboratory (CRL) at the University of Toronto and Birla Carbon. Birla Carbon is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of high quality carbon black additives globally. Carbon black has usage potential across an array of diverse application segments including rubber products, black pigment, UV protection and conductivity in plastics. Carbon black performance is determined by its fundamental properties including its particle and aggregate size, surface activity and physical form.
The objectives of this project are to improve and validate a model to predict the carbon black particle size distribution during the production process. This will increase our understanding of how the particles evolve during the process and will be used to better understand ways to control the process to produce the desired final product.

Faculty Supervisor:

Murray Thomson


Carson Chu;Ali Naseri;Neil Juan


Birla Carbon


Engineering - mechanical




University of Toronto



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