Improved Simulation of Shockwaves in Compressible Fluid Flows

The reliable simulation of shockwaves is critical in the prediction and study of many physical phenomena, where abrupt changes in material properties due to shockwaves can greatly affect regions of interest and activate physical mechanisms. The predominant method for simulating flows with shockwaves, shock-capturing has been around for more than sixty years.and have been successfully applied to a wide range of problems. However, often, in compressible fluid flow simulations, large errors appear as a result of the presence of shockwaves. These errors do not disappear with grid refinement or higher-order schemes and cast doubt on this otherwise robust and reliable class of methods.

A summer intern is sought to analyze and improve performance of a new class of schemes which do not suffer from these problems. Currently, this new class of schemes is not reliable and new analysis and numerical testing is required to better understand these new developments. The intern will use existing codes to test schemes on simple test problems before utilizing mathematical and numerical analysis. The student will gain an understanding of shockwaves and shock-capturing methods as well as learning basic analysis techniques and improved understanding of partial differential equations.

Faculty Supervisor:

Carl Ollivier-Gooch






University of British Columbia


Globalink Research Internship

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