Improvement in paper tissue production: Wet strength and stock preparation

Irving Tissue is a leading manufacturer of household tissue products and provides the premium tissue products for its customers throughout North America. The objective of this project is to improve the process b y1) optimizing the wet- strength additive chemistry, and the associated curing process, 2) optimize the stock preparation, in particular, in light of the new capital investment of Irving Pulp and Paper and its impact on the pulp properties. This project is to identify alternative wet strength chemicals, such as GPAM, or GPAM/PAE to address the issue of wet strength curing for tissue products. The project would also involve characterization and modeling of the stocks of softwood and hardwood in each current operation unit, such as pulper, refiner, so that quick responses in the prediction of the impact on the operations and final tissue
quality and optimization of equipment and process settings can be achieved when the new pulps are introduced. The further development of the tissue production process with respect to these two aspects will enhance Irving Tissue as a producer of premium consumer oriented paper tissue products.

Faculty Supervisor:

Yonghao Ni


Chao Duan


Irving Tissue


Engineering - chemical / biological


Pulp and paper


University of New Brunswick



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