Improvement in the quality of dissolving pulp

The dissolving pulp produced by Neucel Specialty Cellulose is a grade of pulp with high purity of alpha cellulose and used as the raw material to manufacture synthetic fibers, plastic materials, etc. The viscosity of pulp, one of the crucial factors, is undesirably decreased in the bleaching process, particularly in the hot alkali extraction stage, due to the so-called peeling reactions. Our research will minimize the peeling reactions with borol treatment, therefore will increase the pulp viscosity and upgrade the current product. The project will start with a lab study to investigate the borol treatment possibility and optimize treatment conditions. If positive results are confirmed, mill trials will follow to further optimize the condition and process design, monitor its effects on the pulp quality and overall production, and eventually integrate the borol treatment into the current mill operation system.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Yonghao Ni


Xinjin Sui


Neucel Specialty Cellulose


Engineering - chemical / biological


Pulp and paper


University of New Brunswick



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