Improvement of Operation Efficiency in WRHA Hemodialysis Units Using Simulation Modeling

Hemodialysis (HD) Units are the ambulatory care clinic for patients with the chronic kidney disease. There are 136 beds/chairs for over 400 patients per day at 3 HD facilities in Winnipeg. Inefficient workflows were identified from the previous study. This research will search solutions using methods of the system modeling and simulation to identify areas of improvement for the renal program workflows. Simulation modeling will be used as a cost-effective tool to examine HD operations, identify barriers to workflows, and test alternative solutions. Due to the complexity of healthcare systems, decisions need to be much more evidence-based and made in near-real-time conditions. Simulation model will help analyzing and identifying these types of variability in care operations. The research solution can be applied to other Canadian HD centres.

Faculty Supervisor:

Qingjin Peng


Fatemeh Younesi Sinaki


Seven Oaks Chronic Disease Innovation Centre Inc


Engineering - mechanical


Information and communications technologies




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