Improvement of the Robotic System for Stereotactic Neurosurgery in the MRI-guided process

In the MRI-guided stereotactic surgery, a robotic system is applied to assist the efficient workflow, process accuracy and safety. An important issue in the robot system is that the MRI closed-hole design limits its dimensional requirements and flexibility. In this project, a conceptual design will be proposed to reduce the robot size and increase its flexibility. The proposed design will be better used in conjunction with MRI scanners for the brain stereotactic surgery. Cubresa Inc. dedicates to the development of brain PET and intraoperative nuclear magnetic technology. The proposed robotic system will be compatible with a new generation of intraoperative nuclear magnetic scanner developed by Cubresa Inc. The project will provide innovative technologies for the brain disease treatment.

Faculty Supervisor:

Qingjin Peng


Bocheng Xu


Cubresa Inc.


Engineering - mechanical




University of Manitoba



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