Improvement to the tool for Reliability-based Quantitative Analysis of Dents in Pipelines

The aim is to improve a software tool for reliability-based quantitative analysis of dents (QuAD) in pipelines developed by Enbridge. QuAD is a tool used to predict the failure for dented pipelines, so that the deteriorated pipeline segments can be reliably identified for excavation to avoid failure. The critical concern with the current QuAD tool is its inefficiency due to long analysis time and the potential room for accuracy improvement. So, this proposal is to improve this software tool by reducing the time needed for analysis and to get more accurate results that Enbridge can count on to make excavation and repair decision. The improved tool will eventually reduce the resources spent by Enbridge to maintain their pipelines, and also reduce losses of the oil and gas during their transmission. On the other hand, it will help keep the environment clean and have direct and positive impact on the economy.

Faculty Supervisor:

Yong Li;Samer Adeeb


Mahyar Mehranfar


Enbridge Employee Services Canada Inc.


Engineering - civil




University of Alberta



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