Improvements for Dione: An Integrated Software Analytics Solution

Solutions proposed by software engineering researchers are not usually used by practitioners due to the lack of tool support. The research software Dione was developed as a solution to this problem. Dione is a platform agnostic integrated software analytics solution to tackle this problem. We have implemented prediction models for effort estimation and defect prediction in Dione previously. However, further improvements to the software are necessary to make it useful for the practitioners. In this project we will integrate Dione with IBM technologies and use the software in a large industrial setting. An updated version of the software will be developed as a result with integrations to IBM Rational Team Concert. IBM Rational Concert team will help us to achieve these goals.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ayse Basar Bener


Bora Caglayan


IBM Canada


Engineering - mechanical


Information and communications technologies


Ryerson University



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