Improving decision-making by reducing anxiety

Performance anxiety has been shown to negatively impact decision-making as well as academic performance, but it is unclear whether the effect of anxiety on test performance is due to impaired decision-making. Audio-Visual Entrainment (AVE), which involves exposure to rhythmically pulsating light and sound, has been shown to relieve anxiety symptoms — thus, AVE may be able to improve decision-making by alleviating anxiety, which may translate to better academic test scores. We predict that participants who undergo AVE treatment will perform better on a multiple-choice intelligence test than participants who undergo a sham treatment or no treatment. This research will advance scientific understanding by helping to clarify the relationship between performance anxiety and test performance. It will also benefit the industry by highlighting the wide applicability of AVE technology, including in academic and professional settings.

Faculty Supervisor:

Amir Raz


Derek Albert


Mind Alive Inc




Medical devices


McGill University



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