Improving Growth and Intestinal Health of Broiler Chickens Through the Use of Phytogenic Compounds

The increasing concerns of Canadian government and chicken producers and consumers about antibiotic resistance and its threat to health security has led to a significant reduction in the use of antibiotics in poultry farms. This has led to an increase in intestinal health problems, high mortality, and poor growth of farm-raised chickens, causing significant economic losses for poultry farmers. The proposed research will investigate the use of novel phytogenic materials (red osier dogwood (ROD) and grape pomace to enhance immunity of chickens against salmonella infection, improve gut barrier function, and prevent gut inflammation. The project has the potential to decrease losses associated with morbidity and mortality in poultry production, thus increasing profitability of farmers. Also, it promises to bring ROD as poultry feed additive to market, enhance the market reputation of ROD enterprise and increase their profitability.

Faculty Supervisor:

Deborah Adewole


Taiwo Erinle


Canadian Poultry Research Council


Animal science




Dalhousie University



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