Improving high-quality lipid production in the commercially important microalgae, Euglena gracilis

FAs are an integral part of lipids (oil, fats, wax esters, etc.) that are essential to human health. Lipids with desired chemical and physical properties can be produced by manipulating their FA composition. Euglena gracilis is a commercially important microalgae capable of producing lipids with diverse FA composition. This project aims to study three different approaches; (i) metabolic engineering (ii) media optimization (ii) plant-based inducers, for controlling the production of FAs to produce lipids with desirable characteristics. Utilization of these strategies to produce useful lipids will help to provide a sustainable and economic source of valuable lipids for the promotion of human health. Noblegen Inc is a Canadian biotech start-up working towards commercialization of Euglena based bioproducts including lipids. The success of this project will help Noblegen to move forward in the commercialization of Euglena lipid and FA products for use in the food and beverage industry.

Faculty Supervisor:

Neil Emery


Bijaya Uprety






Professional, scientific and technical services


Trent University


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