Improving in-situ SVE remediation process through an integrated stochastic simulation-optimization system at the Cantuar sitea

This project is to help SaskEnergy characterize the pollutant transport behaviors under the remediation process of SVE through advanced modelling system. Such a modelling system employs a series of stochastic analysis methods to quantify the random features in the subsurface at Cantuar site such as the porosity, hydraulic conductivity and so on. Then, relationships (or functions) between SVE control variables and pollutant concentrations are generated through advance statistical methods. Such functions are incorporated into an optimization framework to identify the optimal remediation strategies and improve the efficiency of SVE. Through this project, SaskEnergy can get insightful view for the pollutant dispersion behaviors at Cantuar site. Moreover, this project can help SaskEnergy recognize the key factors which influence the efficiency of the SVE system. Finally, it will provide potential measures to improve the effectiveness of the SVE system at Cantuar site.

Faculty Supervisor:

Gordon Huang


Yurui Fan






Environmental industry


University of Regina



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