Improving obesity prevention and management in primary care: Patient experience of personalized assessment and care planning and impacts on patient self-management

Over 14 million Canadians live with overweight or obesity. Patients want conversations with their primary care team about weight and create personalized plans to improve their health. Primary care clinicians want to have these conversations too, but don’t know how. This project partners with an interdisciplinary primary care team (ESPCN) and the Canadian Obesity Network (CON) to create an intervention for personalized obesity assessment and care planning, and study how it supports patients in their everyday lives. We will work with 20 patients to understand their experience of the intervention and its impact on their everyday efforts to improve health. Findings will be used to refine intervention and resources, which will improve the ESPCN’s approach to obesity care, their training of interdisciplinary clinicians, as well as contribute to the vision of CON to improve the lives of people living with obesity.

Faculty Supervisor:

Denise Campbell-Scherer


Thea Luig


1157178 Alberta Ltd




Medical devices




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