Improving Outcome by Optimizing Illumination (IOOI) Study

Insufficient and mistimed artificial lighting within the hospital environment can disrupt circadian rhythms, adversely affecting patients’ sleep, mood, and recovery. In collaboration with BC Hydro, we will run a study at the Burnaby Center for Mental Health and Addictions to test whether controlled 24-hour lighting with enhanced daytime brightness and restricted nocturnal light exposure can help regulate the circadian cycle and improve the sleep and psychological well-being of patients with concurrent disorder (co-occurring substance abuse disorder and mental health disorder). Throughout the study period (consisting of four weeks standard lighting and four weeks cycled lighting), participants will wear a Fitbit and light sensor and maintain a daily sleep log to track the timing, duration and quality of sleep. Also, participants will fill out a questionnaire assessing their mood, stress, impulsiveness and pain in both, the standard and cycled lighting phases. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Ralph Mistlberger


Myriam Juda


BC Hydro




Medical devices




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