Improving Powder Performance by Development and Optimization of Industrial Lubricants and Mixing Technology for Powder Metallurgy – Year two

Ideal flow, high-volume Powder Metallurgy (PM) manufacturing can achieve uniform, consistent filling of die cavities, leading to high productivity, low rejection rates, improved part integrity and consistent part dimensions. The type and amount of lubricant, size and shape of lubricant particles, mixing parameters and certain environmental conditions all significantly influence the flow characteristics and apparent density (AD) of powder mixtures. Lubricants also affect part integrity and strength after compaction, and must be chosen carefully to ensure high part material density after pressing. Properly controlling delubrication and sintering conditions helps avoid stain formation and improves the mechanical properties of final products.
Industrial lubricants produced by H.L. Blachford are mixed with iron powder produced by Rio-Tinto to make “press-ready” powder mixtures for PM parts. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Ehsan Toyserkani


Amirreza Shirani Bidabadi


H.L. Blachford Ltd


Engineering - mechanical


Advanced manufacturing




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