Improving Process and Product Performance through Innovative and cost effective solutions

EHC Global – our industry partner, is a worldwide industry leader in design and manufacture of escalator handrails and many other products for the lift industry. They mainly deal with thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs), which are versatile engineering polymers with a wide range of applications, however processing of TPUs is a complicated and challenging task. The complications arise from the relatively high melting temperature of crystalline hard blocks and the degradation and crosslinking that take place at temperatures slightly above melting temperatures. EHC-Global therefore, consistently look at ways to improving product performance by investigating innovative material formulations and production methods. This project mainly focuses on innovative and cost effective solutions to material formulations, on-site viscosity measurement systems, and optimal processes and geometry considerations. This would benefit EHC-Global in terms of product quality, cost reduction, and maintaining a competitive edge over competitors, and to spread their business in the global market.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ghaus Rizvi


Shahid Ahmed


EHC Canada


Engineering - mechanical


Alternative energy


Ontario Tech University



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