Improving Research to Practice: Investigating the Feasibility of Community Organizations Developing Methods to Ensure Implementation Efforts Address the Needs and Priorities of the Spinal Cord Injury Community

Members of the SCI community must be involved in the process of designing and implementing SCI research to ensure the largest impact possible. SCI Ontario, an organization that supports people with SCI, is strategically planning their efforts to ensure research is used in practice. Understanding the needs and priorities of SCI communities and their families is a key step for their strategic planning. They aim to develop a method that can establish agreement among over 2500 SCI community members about areas of research that need be implemented in practice. Our research will help develop this method and examine the feasibility of using the method to establish agreement on priorities within the SCI community. As a whole, our research will contribute to a growing body of research that aims to ensure research is used in practice.

Faculty Supervisor:

Heather Gainforth


Emily Giroux


Spinal Cord Injury Ontario


Human physical performance and recreation


Medical devices




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