Improving Service Life of Graphite Component Through Advanced Coating

Kelvin Thermal Storage is developing a technology to convert the inexpensive, off-peak/excess or renewable energy into a thermal energy. The technology uses graphite as the heat storage media and carbon composites as heating elements. In order to protect the carbon based components from oxidation by the heat-carrying media (an inert gas containing trace amounts of oxygen), coating of the elements is proposed and being investigated in this work. The coating method will be using electrodeposition of silicon onto carbon to form a silicon carbide layer, which on oxidation forms a protective silica layer. In this research, two major aspects will be investigated: synthesis of the silicon carbide layer and its characteristics, and performance of the carbide-coated carbon elements in terms of oxidation resistance at elevated temperatures and long service time.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mansoor Barati


Abdolkarim Danaei






Professional, scientific and technical services


University of Toronto


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