Improving Social Justice and Economic Stewardship along the Global Value Chain: The Effectiveness of Interventions within Fragile Environments

Governments and consumers increasingly are demanding that companies take concrete action to improve environmental stewardship and social justice along their entire supply chain. In developing countries, however, this effort is hampered by lack of knowledge as to what kinds of initiatives yield positive outcomes. This research is a pilot project to develop new insights into the conditions under which local mining communities can improve their living conditions. Our interns will be directly involved in organizing and analyzing newly gathered data and they will also be working towards improving our ongoing data collection methods and the theoretical framework that underpins this much needed effort. The partner organization, IMPACT, will benefit from the data management and statistical management skills of the interns to derive novel insights that can be disseminated to Canadian business.

Faculty Supervisor:

Anthony Goerzen


Shengwen Li;Luke Fiske






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