Improving the magnetic properties of electrical steels

This project is intended to help the industrial partner, Stelco, to develop electrical steels with improved magnetic properties through controlled thermomechanical processing. Electrical steels are widely used in the manufacturing of stators and rotors of electric motors used in general rotating machines and electric vehicles. Improving the magnetic properties of electrical steels would result in more efficient traction motors, and consequently extending the driving range of electric vehicles. This is of particular importance for Canadians as the driving range of an electric vehicle is considerably reduced in cold weather. The research will focus on investigating the effect of the steel processing parameters on the final magnetic properties of electrical steels, both in pilot scale and in industrial production. Experiments will be carried out at CanmetMATERIALS, Natural Resources of Canada, using its pilot-scale rolling mill and other facilities. The results from the pilot-scale experiments will then be used to guide the production of electrical steels of the industrial partner, Stelco Holdings Inc. The research will involve both theoretical and experimental studies on the relationships among processing parameters, microstructure (texture), and final magnetic properties of the electrical steels.

Faculty Supervisor:

Afsaneh Edrisy


Mehdi Mehdi




Engineering - mechanical




University of Windsor



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