Improving the mechanical properties of thermoplastic blends using nanoadditives

Blending different polymers in order to produce new engineering material with added value is a standard method in polymer industry. Incompatibility between immiscible polymers is the main challenge in preparing these blends. This incompatibility can result in poor mechanical and morphological properties. Using compatibilizers and nanoadditives are two main methods of compatibilizing immiscible polymer blends. There are several studies that have used nanoadditives such as carbon nanofibers in thermoplastic and thermoset polymers; however, usage of these additives to compatibilize and strengthen different thermoplastic blends based on virgin and recycled blends has not been reported yet. The main objective of this study is to use nanoadditives alongside commercial and synthesized new compatibilizers in order to favor interactions in thermoplastic blends and eventually use the best method for blends based on recycled resins.

Faculty Supervisor:

Marie-Claude Heuzey


Helia Sojoudiasli


KWI Polymers


Visual arts






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