Improving the Nouse® Perceptual Vision Interface for Individuals who have a Physical Disability

Nouse® software technology is a unique Canadian patented technology that uses advanced Video Recognition algorithms to allow a computer user to operate a computer hands‐free using the nose )or any other part of the body). Essentially, the Nouse® allows an individual to use their nose as a mouse. Over the past 4 years, a partnership between the University of Ottawa, Bruyère Continuing Care and IVIM Inc. has been working on refining this technology to ensure it is suitable for a physically disabled population. The intern will undertake a project to identify and implement the changes and improvements needed with the software before it is ready to be used by clinicians in the field and their physically disabled clients. The project will improve the capacities of the partner organizations to continue to research and develop assistive technologies for person with disabilities, and give the intern a unique interdisciplinary training opportunity.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Jeffrey W. Jutai


Elan Dubrofsky


Bruyère Continuing Care




Life sciences


University of Ottawa



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