Improving vaccine production with novel drugs

Vaccination is the most effective method for the prevention of a wide range of human illnesses.  Vaccines are currently prepared by growing live virus strains in chicken eggs.  New strategies are very much needed to improve the speed and efficiency of virus production, especially during disease outbreaks.  Recently, Chem Virion has identified new drugs which can significantly boost the growth of viruses.  We propose to use these drugs to improve vaccine production.  We will focus on using these drugs to increase the production of the swine flu (or H1N1) vaccine in cells grown in the laboratory, which are more convenient and less expensive than chicken eggs.  If this project is successful, this will benefit Ontario in the short term by making Chem Virion, an Ontario-based company, more attractive to investors, leading to job creation. In the long-term, the project can impact the Canadian healthcare system by permitting faster and cheaper production of new vaccines.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. John Bell


Rozanne Arulanandam


ChemVirion Research and Development




Life sciences


University of Ottawa



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