Improvisation and Dramaturgy: an adaptive and embodied approach to theory and research in dance

This important relationship between Mile Zero Dance and the Drama Department at the University of Alberta has been growing over the last ten years through performance and research collaborations between Gerry Morita (MZD) and Lin Snelling (Associate Professor University of Alberta). MZD wishes to address a new series of objectives through inviting Thea Patterson to engage with Mile Zero Dance as a performer, dramaturg, and facilitator for seminars and workshops. These tasks are directly related to Lin Snelling’s research in how interdisciplinary study brings an inclusive edge to performing, problem solving and creative research. These objectives are 1. expansions of engaging discourse through dance writing and performing 2. extended improvisation practice as a viable performance medium 3. deeper knowledge and discussion of current performance forms for all members of the Edmonton arts community. It will culminate in an article written by Snelling titled, Where does a Voice go? Explorations of memory and sound as it shapes the dancing body. This article hopes to expand the conversation from a performing point of view. How does an interdisciplinary collaboration fuel the compositional skills of individual performers?

Faculty Supervisor:

Lin Snelling


Thea Patterson


Mile Zero Dance





University of Alberta



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