In-depth analysis of deer management in Nova Scotia

This project will support improvements to deer management in Nova Scotia. Improved management and conservation of Nova Scotia’s most important big game species supports wildlife habitat conservation by NS DNR, but is also of importance to the forestry industry, and stakeholders such as the NS Federation of Anglers and Hunters, and the Fur Institute of Canada. The objectives of this project include critiquing current NS DNR deer management policy and suggesting improvements, evaluating current deer data collection and identifying information gaps, assessing the usefulness of Pellet Group Inventories (PGIs) for deer density and population estimates, and investigating the development and application of population indices and population surveys. Improving the knowledge of deer management policies will provide an excellent basis for future deer studies. In addition, this analysis will help guide future management and policy decisions for other large mammals over time.

Faculty Supervisor:

Drs. Ying Zhang, Hugh Chipman & Paul Cabilio




Port Hawkesbury Paper LP




Pulp and paper


Acadia University



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