In-motion 3D Modeling and Image-based Metric Measurement of Vehicles using Laser Optics Technology

A laser-optics vehicle profiling system will be designed and developed in this project. The image of a laser line projected onto the surface of a vehicle from a vantage point will be used to make metric measurements on the vehicle and to develop a 3D model of it.
It is conjectured that this setup would work superior to the existing time-of-flight laser profilers in terms of accuracy, resolution, and speed of operation.
Multiple laser-optics scanners located at optimal locations in an inspection station can provide a panoramic 3D model of the vehicle and also provide measurements. This information can be used to identify over-loaded and/or over-size vehicles. It can be also used, in conjunction with the existing weight-in-Motion sensors, to measure the weight distribution over the large-vehicle axels.
The proposed technology and methodology will provide a non-intrusive complete inspection system that can be used widely in vehicle inspection stations all over the world.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mehran Mehrandezh


Daniel Soto Lopez


International Road Dynamics Inc.




Automotive and transportation


University of Regina



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