Incorporating Same-Day Delivery into Retail Industry

Due to a lack of legitimate case studies exploring the same-day delivery, this internship will help by adding significantly to the body of applied research in this new trend. Courier industry can revamp the practices of "brick and mortar" retailers by convincing them to cover the cost for their customers in return for value-added service. However, no one truly understands the longevity and feasibility of this service aimed to improve customer satisfaction. Therefore, it is crucial to explore the size of the market, the barriers to entry, and consumer as well as retailer perceptions for benefits and costs of the trend. Such changes for the retail industry also put pressure on smaller courier companies, such as Novex Couriers, to innovate or face extinction in the future. The internship will ensure that Novex can successfully form partnerships with local retailers and therefore support the overall community in its operations.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. James Tansey


Evguenia Hart


Novex Couriers




Service industry


University of British Columbia



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