Incorporating the Simulated Earthworm Gut into Site Specific Remedial Objectives


The Simulated Earthworm Gut (SEG) is a new technology that can be used to strengthen the tests used to assess the hazards posed by environmental pollution. However, before the SEG can be used in risk assessment we must demonstrate that it reflects existing techniques. The objective of this project is to compare the results of the SEG with those generated using the currently accepted techniques (e.g., soil invertebrate toxicity tests). After demonstrating that the SEG is an effective tool for risk assessment, we hope to create mechanisms by which the SEG results can be incorporated into the risk assessment process. Incorporating the SEG into brownfield restoration will substantially reduce the cost and time required to remediate brownfields. Consequentially, if approved by regulatory agencies, the SEG will aid Stantec in expediting the assessment of the extent and risk associated with a contaminated sites for the development of remediation plans.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Steven Siciliano


Brian Laird


Stantec Consulting Ltd.


Geography / Geology / Earth science


Environmental industry


University of Saskatchewan



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