Increasing Patient Engagement and Informing Marketing Decisions through the use of Patient Personas and Patient Journey Mapping

Mobile health (mHealth) apps allow patients to practice self-care and manage their chronic diseases. Common functions in mHealth tools allow users to monitor their symptoms and mood, keep a thought diary, track medication use and trend information; this provides data that can be used to better understand patient behaviour to ensure that patient needs are being met. By using a user-centered design approach for app design, the patient experience is captured through understanding their goals and challenges as well as their journey in living with or recovering from chronic disease(s). The Health Storylines platform, offered by the patient analytics company Self Care Catalysts, offers self-care tools which can provide these valuable insights in order to improve the app design and inform marketing strategies for specific patient groups, which will in turn drive higher engagement levels and improve patient empowerment.

Faculty Supervisor:

Aviv Shachak


Linda Kaleis


Self Care Catalysts Inc




Medical devices




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