Increasing the Reliability of Design and Production of TMotion

Recent increased enthusiasm towards Computer-Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) coupled with developments in smart sensor technologies and advances in communication systems have resulted in simultaneous incorporation of several advanced monitoring and sensing technologies within manufacturing and industrial sectors. In particular, Industrial Artificial Intelligence, referred to as the IAI, is positioning itself as the transformative technology of the century addressing key analytical challenges associated with conventional industrial process control solutions in dealing with availability of high variety, high dimensionality, and high velocity data. As competition is increasing in all industries and manufacturing sectors, industrial researchers, engineers, and the production managers are aiming to develop, design, and implement innovative technologies to optimally utilize such rich high-dimensional data sources to further improve the reliability and quality of their systems, processes and products. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and IAI are revolutionizing the business sector to better understand, control, and optimize the entire production process. The proposed research program is envisioned in response to the above mentioned critical and unmet need for investigation and development of advanced smart system for increasing reliability and quality by minimizing the failure risk of a motion simulator system (TMotion) developed by Touché Technologies Inc.

Faculty Supervisor:

Farnoosh Naderkhani


Kamyar Azar;Mehrnaz Mirzaei;Hengameh Hadian


Touché Technologies






Concordia University



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