Increasing Visibility to Living Musqueam Histories Through Cultural Tourism

The Musqueam Nation has lived in the territory encompassing Vancouver and surrounding areas for thousands of years. One of the largest ancient village and burial sites is c??sna?m. From relationships with neighboring First Nations to welcoming the first explorers, Musqueam has a rich history of intercultural engagement, including its connection to Chinese migrants from Southern China who operated market gardens at xwm??kw?y??m (Musqueam Indian Reserve 2) during the 20th century. This history remains unknown to Vancouverites and visitors to BC. Two interns will work with Musqueam Capital Corporation to develop educational resources to provide visibility to these living histories. Conducting research from Musqueam archival materials, with respect to community protocols and in collaboration with experts and stakeholders, they will create compelling and accessible cultural tourism materials including brochures, film clips, and exhibition materials for Musqueam enterprises that are required to educate the public and foster respectful intercultural relationship building.

Faculty Supervisor:

Susan Rowley


Jordan Wilson


Musqueam Capital Corporation




Management of companies and enterprises


University of British Columbia



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