Indigenous engagement in wildfire management within Canada and New Zealand

The following research will explore how Indigenous peoples’ within Canada and New Zealand are engaged in the management of wildfire. Interviews will be conducted with senior government officials and senior Indigenous leaders during individual case study’s with Nova Scotia, Ontario, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Northwest Territories in Canada and within the country of New Zealand to understand how Indigenous people are currently involved in managing fire, development of fire suppression strategies, decision-making, and guiding directives used by the government in the service delivery of wildfire management with Indigenous people and communities. This research will identify barriers impacting the relationship between government and Indigenous leaders and suggested recommendations to improve efficiencies to meet the growing pressures of wildfire on the landscape.

Faculty Supervisor:

Tara McGee


Courtney Askin


Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre


Geography / Geology / Earth science


Management of companies and enterprises




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