Influence of cryogenic treatment of microstructure evolution and mechanical properties enhancement of high strength AISI D2 tool steel

Cryogenic treatment will be considered as a promising process to attain better mechanical properties and higher wear resistance. Previous researches have shown very bright perspectives in achieving significant improvement in mechanical properties and wear resistance of tool steels However, a cohesive picture about what exactly modifies microstructure at cryogenic temperature does not exist. In addition, the influences of cryogenic process parameters on mechanical properties are not documented. Hence, the main objective of this research is to develop a method accounting for operating micro-mechanisms in microstructural evolution at cryogenic temperature. In addition, the developed knowledge and documentation during this project will help the industrial partner to implement the findings into its manufacturing process. The commitment and technical and operational contribution of the company is a clear indication of its interest to increase its technological level and produce high value added products.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mohammad Jahazi


Hadi Ghasemi Nanesa




Engineering - mechanical




École de technologie supérieure



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