Information Literacy and Blockchain Technology

Blockchains have evolved from an obscure technology powering bitcoin to a multi-billion- dollar research area. From the financial tech industry, healthcare, digital identities, and government services, blockchains are touted as a revolutionary new mechanism for communication and transactions. As popularity in blockchain technology increases, many are left in the dark as to how this technology works, why it is important in preserving privacy, and how it can be used. Information Literacy, a concept from the Information Sciences regarding an individual’s ability to find and use information effectively, may help identify gaps in knowledge and develop techniques to educate / inform the public. Using interviews and focus groups, data collection, this study will gain insight into the level of information literacy as it translates to information retrieval habits, as well as to their understanding of blockchain technology. Additionally, this data can be used to better identify the information needs of Lifeguard App users and inform public health strategies in Canada.

Faculty Supervisor:

Victoria Lemieux


Keenan Federico


Lifeguard Digital Health Inc






University of British Columbia



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