Information Quality (IQ) assurance and control for the BIM lifecycle data

Managing complex, fragmented, and high volume portfolios of data that are generated during the lifecycle of buildings poses major challenges for the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Operations (AECO) industry. Required information during the operation and maintenance phase of a building’s lifecycle is usually lost (or not transferred) at information handover stages, and extensive rework should be done to revive them. This projects aims to identify lifecycle information requirements for the operation and maintenance of buildings. Additionally, an information quality management solution will be proposed to ensure the availability and the accuracy of the required data items throughout the lifecycle. The project outcomes will be used by the industry to improve processes related to asset management and the operation and maintenance of buildings. Additionally, newly devised processes help practitioners to ensure the quality of lifecycle data, to reduce the operation costs, and improve the functionality of buildings.

Faculty Supervisor:

Daniel Forgues


Ali Motamedi




Engineering - civil


Construction and infrastructure




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