Injury, Concussion and Performance in the Canadian Premier League

Injuries and concussions are common in soccer and can result in time loss from sport. To prevent injuries and concussions we must first understand the burden and risk factors for injury. Therefore the purpose of this four year study is to: 1) understand the burden of injury and concussion; 2) risk factors for injury and concussion; 3) identify and develop of targeted prevention strategies; 4) evaluate the effect of these prevention strategies on risk of injury and concussion and 5) team performance in the Canadian Premier League (CPL). This work has the potential to decrease the burden of injury and concussion and optimize the safety of professional soccer in Canada. Elite Sport and Athletic Development and Rehabilitation will benefit by actively engaging as the partner organization involved in the integrated process of working with teams in the CPL and implementing processes and, potentially, policies aimed at preventing injuries and concussions.

Faculty Supervisor:

Kathryn Schneider;Kati Pasanen;Reed Ferber


Chris Rusling


Elite Athletic Development and Rehabilitation




Health care and social assistance


University of Calgary



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