Innovating Corrosion Measurement for Your Vehicle

From 2014-2018, Krown Corporation, a pioneer in corrosion treatment, partnered with University of Windsor Faculty of Engineering researchers to conduct a comprehensive assessment on how to measure and assess the degree of corrosion on a vehicle, so that it may be communicated to the vehicle owner. This preliminary research demonstrated that a corrosion metric, and the method developed to measure corrosion, show excellent promise to assess and communicate the impacts of corrosion and further research is critical to refining the metric so that it can be applied intelligently on a broad scale yet be usable and understandable to both users of the metric and consumers of vehicles. Hence, the proposed research will include refining the results by expanding significantly the data set, and then developing an intelligent means of interpreting the corrosion present to produce high quality, consistent assessments of the state of vehicle corrosion.

Faculty Supervisor:

Edwin Kwan Lap Tam


April Horvath




Engineering - civil




University of Windsor



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