Innovations in Marine Food Systems

Coastal communities in British Columbia are economic hubs and gateways to marine resources. The health of these communities’ depends on having sustainable food systems. How these communities’ access and eat local marine foods can be threatened by economic and environmental pressures – including the impact global climate change has on marine environments. In order to thrive, communities are innovating to ensure they can access and eat nourishing local food. The objective of this research is to better understand the role that innovations play in providing food security in local marine food systems in small coastal BC communities. We will be exploring how novel ideas, technologies, or systems come to be, and what combinations of actions, assets, and experience are leading to these innovations’ successes. By engaging with communities to explore the forefront of innovation in local marine food systems, we aim to generate knowledge that benefits other communities facing similar challenges

Faculty Supervisor:

Ann Dale


Taylor Reidlinger


Ecotrust Canada


Environmental sciences



Royal Roads University



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