Innovative coagulator design for the production of advanced composite materials.


This unique approach to product and process design involves 2 intimately associated activities: development of novel structured composite materials (SCM) in the form of latexes; and the related design of a coagulator to tailor the final particle size distribution of the composite latex particles. If produced correctly, SCM can provide society with useful, valuable products at a reasonable price that are made in water-based reaction medium rather than in organic solvents. They allow us to synergistically combine the novel properties of nanocomposite material with the low price, ease of production and flexibility of polymeric materials. In the current project we will be focusing on nano and micro-fibre reinforced elastomers. Once produced in the reactor, these aqueous dispersions need to b coagulated in order to obtain them in a useful form, and this project will also contribute to the innovative design of efficient new continuous coagulators. 

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Timothy McKenna




DuPont Canada


Engineering - chemical / biological




Queen's University



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