Innovative design of a sound numerical model calibration process: from lab tests to input data

Geomechanica Inc. develops simulation software (Irazu) for rock engineering applications. This numerical software has been used in several peer-reviewed research publications in the rock mechanics field. A key challenge in the numerical modelling of rock masses is the selection of
appropriate input parameters. The objective of this work is to develop a solution to streamline the laboratory testing and integration of the results into Irazu models. As a result, the time needed to build a model will be significantly reduced and the uncertainties in the model inputs will be
mitigated. The proposed R&D project is expected to bring Geomechanica closer to a full geomechanics solution offering to clients by providing the inputs needed for numerical simulations, and provide engineers and researchers with reliable, predictive tools for analyzing complex rock mechanics problems.

Faculty Supervisor:

Karl Peterson


Johnson Ha




Engineering - civil


Information and communications technologies


University of Toronto



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