Innovative Financing for Energy Access – The Role of Finance and Energy Service Companies in Promoting Energy Development

The proposed postdoctoral research focuses on addressing the challenges associated with energy access in developing countries as well as promoting energy-independent communities in Canada in a bid to promote sustainable development. The study would investigate a consortium-like financing model for small and medium scale renewable energy projects in which energy service companies are financed by a number of investors to in order to reduce the investment risks. OCEC would benefit from the research by using the findings from the study to refine its approach to developing community-scale renewable energy projects and adopting new methods for financing its projects in Canada. The research would also expose OCEC to the nature of renewable energy project development in developing African countries in need of stable modern electricity. This understanding would contribute to inform the business models OCEC may adopt when planning and developing community-scale renewable energy projects across Africa, in the near future.

Faculty Supervisor:

Olaf Weber


Chijioke Oji


Oxford Community Energy Co-operative Inc


Environmental sciences





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