Innovative Telerehabilitation and Tele-research platform for movement disorders

Telerehabilitation (TR), the remote provision of services to patients using information and communication technologies, is rapidly improving with the evolution of technology and is becoming an essential segment of telemedicine. It is, therefore, essential to find solutions and technologies to make TR more feasible, more productive, and more accessible for people with movement disorders, especially in challenging conditions like the Coronavirus. Hence, research scientists from McGill and Montreal universities and telecom engineers from TeleSense organization aim to present an innovative platform. The team will first study and provide a standard guideline with updated qualitative, quantitative, and kinematics measurements for upper and lower extremities as a target rehabilitation for those who have had a stroke as a target population. Then, they will design, program, and test an automation technology to store and update a set of information synchronously and asynchronously. The outcomes will be a guideline with standard measurements for the evaluation of TR in the stroke population, valid kinematic descriptors, and an automation platform to update indices, evaluate and treat stroke individuals. For two years, the partners will benefit from participating in scientific papers and conferences, as well as obtaining an innovative platform that will benefit Canadians with movement disorders.

Faculty Supervisor:

Julie Cote;Dahlia Kairy


Fariba Hasanbarani


TeleSense Canada




Professional, scientific and technical services




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