Insecurity of tenure as a lesser known health and wellbeing crisis: Health and wellbeing perspectives of young families and children living without security of tenure

Major cities in Canada and across the world are undergoing housing crises that are pushing its vulnerable residents into housing insecurity. Security of tenure is a lesser-known and researched element that contributes to housing insecurity and its negative health and wellbeing impacts. To ensure the positive health and wellbeing outcomes of cities’ families and their children, developers and housing policy-makers should understand how insecurity of tenure, a critical challenge in housing insecurity, can affect the health and wellbeing perspectives of families and their children. This research will provide unique insight into the experiences of young families with children as they navigate housing insecurity, and the lesser known housing barrier of insecurity of tenure.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jordi Honey-Roses


Emilia Oscilowicz


Catalyst Community Developments Society




Real estate and rental and leasing


University of British Columbia



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