Insights into the creative workplace through 20 years of experience at Rethink Canada

Rethink is Canada’s largest, national independent creative agency. As Rethink enters their twentieth year, they would like to formally collect the tips, tools and wisdom — 20 years of knowledge and experience — and share it with a broader audience interested in the creative industries and the process of creativity in general. Working with a humanities scholar from Simon Fraser University, Rethink will write a book that is accessible to readers both within and outside of the creative industry. The proposed project will include existing research that bridges Rethink’s own strategies with findings from the humanities and the social sciences that demonstrates how Rethink’s tools have grounds outside of the company and the industry at large. The degree of success of the project will itself answer the broader research questions about the transferability of literary/theoretical methods to the creative workplace. The innovative way in which the content of the project book is created and shared will speak to many of the issues currently circulating in literary and media theory and will act as something of a digital culture test case for such academic-industry collaboration.

Faculty Supervisor:

Paul Budra


Marie Horgan


Rethink Communications




Media and communications




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